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Dubai 2011

Transportation Evolution. Dubai Experience.
World Trade Center, Dubai.


Exhibition in Dubai was organized by the agency Mark 121  LLC (Kasia Abouhamad, Ania Stal)
Sponsor of the exhibition - Dubai Road & Transportation Authority.
Special thanks to Eithne Treanor, for making this exhibition possible.

The current population in the city of Dubai is 863,000 with some 2.3 million in the entire Dubai Emirate.
Construction on the first stage of Dubai's Metro began in 2005, with the first section of the Red Line opened on 09-09-2009. The Green Line was inaugurated exactly two years later, on 09-09-2011. The Red Line and the Green Line intersect twice, at Union Square and at Khalid Bin Al Waleed (BurJuman Centre).
Each of the 87 driverless trains (Thales operating system) comprises five cars, with one car offering first class (Gold Class), one reserved for women and children, and three standard cars (Silver Class).
Metro stations were designed to four different themes: earth, water, air and fire.

Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro
Dubai Abra
Dubai Water Taxi
Dubai Buses
Dubai Monorail
Dubai Monoreil
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