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Early Digital works. Since 1999

The Cherkashins have started to work with digital production with the assistance of MFA Photography and Related Media Department of the School of Visual Arts, located in New York City.
New York Squares and Intersections. 2003

It was the first series of Digital works, made by the Cherkashins. They scanned B&W negatives, as they didn't have any digital camera yet. This series was starten in New York School of Digital Atrs in 1999. Later it was continued and developed in Moscow.

New York Fashion. 2003

The model for this series was taken in Moscow with the first digital camera. The dresses were made from the scanned images of New York City. 

New York Phoenix. 2004

After events on September 11, 2001, we visited New York several times and were impressed by courage of New Yorkers and fast reconstraction of the city. 

We dedicated this series to our impressions.

Sport in the USSR. 2004

This series was created for the cultural program of Russia, in the Olympics in Geece. Here are combined sport medalions from "Dinamo" Moscow metro station, Soviet architecture and groups of contemporary people, relaxing near the Fountain of Friendship.

The exhibition "Sport in Arts. Aphrodites of Russia" was organized in Municipal art Center in Athens, Greece, by Stella Art Gallery.

Dedication to Stravinsky.

This series of works was inspired by Stravinsky's  "The Rite of Spring". It was made in 2004.

The images of the model are combined with "Sport"  images and details of the fountain "The Stone Flower", in Moscow. The pictures may be both, positive and negative.

Yoga. 2005

Practising yoga has changed our life. We were glad to meet other people, who also enjoyed it. Our friend Masha inspired us for this series of works. 

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