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Performances and Actions


Soviet Athlete and Fitness Enthusiast. Kharkov



The Dawn of Fitness and Athletic Culture in the USSR. Kharkov

I’m Already a Soviet Bodybuilder. Kharkov

Cinema. Kharkov



Bodybuilding for the Masses. Kharkov



Narcissus. Kharkov

Game with a Finger Nail. Kharkov



Gladiator. Kharkov

Jaw. Acting in a Hospital. Kharkov

The Universal Watch. “You Know What Time Is Now?"

Threatening Help to Vietnam – Here It Is! Kharkov

Monologue. I Am an Actor. Kharkov

The Sorrow of Young Werther. Kharkov

Prayer for the Recovery of Ray Charles’s Sight. Kharkov



Fashion and Life. Kharkov

First Model. Kharkov

Night with a Pioneer Leader: Freudian Influence. Kharkov



Prague Picnic. Kharkov

In Pursuit of Сompleteness: Filling the Pedestal. Leningrad



Transformation in the Kremlin. Moscow

New Year with Grandfather Mazay. Kharkov

Mail Art: Art by Post. Vilnius

Money Transfer with a Surprise. Kharkov



A Tragic Cello. Kharkov

A Kiss with Art. Kharkov

Human Column. Kharkov

In Pursuit of Сompleteness: Trying on a New Leg. Kharkov

Hair Games. Freudian Influence. A Young Man’s Dream. Kharkov

Pineapple of Discord. Peterhof

Nesting Doll Letter. Leningrad


Face Art. Kharkov

Life without Food. Moscow



The End of a Hippie: The Week of Hair-Cutting. Kharkov



Popular Cultural Development. Kharkov



Gunfire Art. Kharkov

Emotions. Kharkov  



Penguin and Eclairs. Kharkov  



People’s Theater. Kharkov  

White Paint and Fantômas. Kharkov  

Rising up at Work. Kharkov  

Galoshes. Moscow  



Harem at Work. Kharkov  

Attendance with Male Members Mandatory. Kharkov  

The Tragic Demise of the People. Kharkov  

Alien Technologies. Kharkov  

Sowing Season at the Academy. Leningrad  



Tango with Lenin. Caucasus  



Broken Hopes. Institute of Aesthetics, Moscow  



Enter Kabakov’s Studio. Moscow  

Kharkov Union of Artists. Kharkov  

Signs in the Garden. Kharkov  

Signs in the Window. Kharkov  

Adam and Eve. The Story with an Apple. Kharkov  

Agricultural Action. Kharkov  

Action with a Cigarette Stub. Kharkov  



Fountains with Boris Mikhailov. Kharkov  

Posing in Front of a Café. Kharkov  

By the Wall. Kharkov  

Canvas without Oil. Exhibition to mark the anniversary of the Moscow Union of Artists at the Manege, Moscow  


Search for Petliura. Moscow  

Actions with Sculptures. Crimea, Kharkov  

Duet. Kharkov  

Couple. Kharkov  

Dancing at Petrova’s. Kharkov  



Gypsy Woman. Moscow  

Stabbed in the A**. Embassy of Malta, Moscow  



Examination or The Tactile Principle as the Key Principle of Art for the People. Using the tactile principle to identify works of art for the people. Moscow  

Privatization of Sculptures. Moscow  

Here Sits Cherkashin. Moscow  

Musical Improvisations. Moscow  

Road of Pravda. All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature, Moscow  

Selling the Book of Pravda. All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature, Moscow  

High-class Reception. All-Russia State Library of Foreign Literature, Moscow  



Presentation of Diplomas by Lenin. Moscow  

Tour of the Lenin Museum, Given by Lenin. Moscow  

The People’s Love of Art for the People. Moscow  

Closed Space. Moscow  

A Funeral for an Epoch: The Wake. Tretyakov Gallery Reserve. Moscow  

Underpants for David. Moscow  



Underground Subbotnik: Caring for Our Privatized Statues. Moscow   

Engagement. Moscow  

Suprematist Bed. Malevich’s grave, Nemchinovka  

Fruit and Flower Installation for Gioachino Rossini. Znamenskaya Church, Moscow  

Therapeutic Hunger Strike. Moscow  

Combating Inflation. Moscow  

Eating Symbols off a Red Grand Piano. Municipal Gallery A3, Moscow  

The Most Secret Ballot in the World. Municipal Gallery A3, Moscow  

Bricks of History. Municipal Gallery A3, Moscow  

Excavation and Reconstruction of the Ancient World of the Mid-Twentieth Century on the Former Site of the USSR. Museum of Paleontology, Moscow  

Suprematist Bedroom. Municipal Gallery A3, Moscow   

The Cherkashin Conceptual Metropolitan Museum Starts the Spring in Russia. Rossiya State Central Concert Hall, Moscow  

Secret Breakfast at the Kremlin in Honor of His Wife's Birthday. Kremlin, Moscow  



Underground Wedding. Ploshchad Revolyutsii metro station, Moscow   

The Underground Beauty Contest Miss ’38. Ploshchad Revolyutsii metro station, Moscow  

Miss ’38 and The Other Love of the People. Moscow  

Family of International Significance, Moscow  

Pravda Day and Natasha's Birthday at Ostankino. Ostankino TV Center, Moscow  

Drawing Portraits of Our Compatriots Standing Against the Wall. Ostankino TV Center, Moscow  

Drawing Profile Portraits of Our Compatriots. Ostankino TV Center, Moscow  

In Pursuit of Completeness. Completion of a Statue. The Pushkin Museum, Moscow  

How to Get into Museums around the World  

Unequal Tie Exchange. Moscow  



Under Cover. IBM office, Moscow  

Taking Our Own Samovar to American Artists. National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.  

Inviting the Marines Guarding the Capitol Building to Drink Tea with Us outside the Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. Natasha’s Birthday at the Capitol Building. Valera Cherkashin Organizes a Russian Vodka Tea Party to Celebrate His Wife’s Birthday. Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.  

Creating Portraits of Americans Standing in Line at the Mausoleum. Museum of Fine Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Lenin Never Dies! Even in Santa Fe  

Garbage Can in the Sears Tower. Chicago  

A Gift to the Pacific Ocean. San Francisco  

Bathing an Artwork in the Atlantic. Miami Beach, Florida  

Bathing an Artwork in the Pool of the Raleigh Hotel. Miami Beach, Florida  

Liberation and the Flight of an Artwork from the Crown of the Statue of Liberty. New York  

The Liberation, Flight, and Landing of an Artwork from the Pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, New York  

A Gift of Russian Liberty. New York  

Drinking Russian Vodka in the Democratic American Way. Broadway, New York  

Nostalgic Exhibition in Cacti. Kew Gardens, London  

Natasha Cherkashina Exhibits Her Husband in the Tate Gallery for the Turner Prize. London  

Bathing an Artwork from the Cherkashin Collection in the Fountain on Trafalgar Square. London  

Bathing an Artwork in the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain in Piccadilly Circus. London  

Bathing an Artwork in Gilbert & George’s Bathtub. London  

Bathing an Artwork in the Thames. London  

Bathing an Artwork in Loch Ken. Scotland  

Bathing an Artwork in a Mountain River. Scotland  

Exhibition in Cacti. Kew Gardens, London, UK   

Newspaper Sculpture Exhibition in Yorkshire Sculpture Park  



A Russian Halloween. Los Angeles, USA  

The East–West Problem. Yosemite National Park, California, USA  

Bathing an Artwork under Manneken Pis. Brussels  

Bathing an Artwork in the Seine. Paris  

Bathing an Artwork in the Swimming Pool of the Olympiastadion. Berlin  



Bathing an Artwork in a Fountain in Rome  

German Atlantis. Underwater Exhibition in the Swimming Pool of the Olympiastadion. Berlin  

White on Black. San Francisco  

Conveyor Belt for Collectors. San Francisco  

Art for Chocolate. Cologne  

Wake up, Germans! Germany  

German-Style Dinner. Berlin  

Debt by Fax. Berlin  

Favorite Portraits of the People of the World. Berlin  



Conceptual Exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles  

How to Get into Museums with Great Precision. New York  

Unification of America and Russia: The Interview. USA  

Walking with Newspaper Figures in San Francisco. Master Class at San Francisco State University

Our Work Doing a Lap to Commemorate Moscow’s 850th Anniversary. Olympiyskiy Swimming Pool, Moscow  

Soviet Atlantis. University of Maryland Swimming Pool, USA  

The Cherkashins Create a Situation which “Blurs the Line Between Life and Art.” Exhibition and Happening at Dianne Beal’s house in Washington, D.C.  

Frozen and Thawed Soviet People. Moscow  



Valera and Natasha Cherkashin Show Americans How to Launder Money. Bathroom in the studio of photographer Fred George, New York  



Immortalization: Master Class at Gifted Children of Russia. Tolyatti  

A Flight over Manhattan and Giving a Work to the American People over Central Park. Poughkeepsie, New York –  

Artistic Solution to the Kuril Islands Dispute in Japan. Odaiba, Tokyo  

Expansion of Odaiba Island. Tokyo  

Signing a “Peace Treaty” with the Japanese. Odaiba, Tokyo  

Showing Our Works to Mount Fuji. Honshu Island  

One on One with the “Person” Logogram. Tokyo  

Artistic Solution to the Wonders of the World Problem. Niagra Falls, USA  

Gift to Niagra Falls. USA

Goodbye, Favourite European Portraits; hello, euro. The pool at World Bank headquarters, Washington, D.C.



Artistic Solution to the Kuril Islands Dispute in Japan. Tokyo

A Step towards Each Other. Bringing Russia and Japan Closer. Cape Sōya, Hokkaido, Japan

Measuring the Bank of Madrid. Caja Madrid Bank

Saving Horses at the River Crossing. Dallas, Texas



Lenin Brings Order to the Starry Sky. Crimea



Frozen and Thawed Capital. International Banking Club, Moscow

Money Laundered in a Fish Tank. International Banking Club, Moscow

Suprematist Meditation. Karakorum, Mongolia

The Flight of the Black Square. Karakorum, Mongolia

Planting Newspaper Flowers in the Gobi Desert. Mongolia



Making Portraits and Busts from Magazines. Moscow

Creating Portraits of our Contemporaries from the Pages of Kreativ Magazine. Art Manege, Moscow



Like Ilf and Petrov. Moscow



Stradivarius Violin. New York

History of the Harem. Performance at May Fashion Show, Moscow



Swimming at the Beaches Exhibition with Gianni Foraboschi. Photobiennale 2006, Central House of Artists, Moscow

The Cherkashins Mark out an Excavation Site in the Crimea. Bakhchisarai

In Flight. Moscow, Crimea, Bulgaria



Waiting for the Chinese Exhibition. Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Night with a Pioneer Leader: Pioneer Camp. Left bank of the Don, Rostov-on-Don

Night with a Pioneer Leader: Reproducing Emotions. Museum of Modern Art on Dmitrovskaya, Rostov-on-Don

Buddying up with the Chinese. Great Wall of China

The Fight against Intrusive Adverts. Shanghai

Substitution. Valera substitutes Merce Cunningham. Guggenheim, New York



Analogy: Avant-Garde with a Curator

Cowboys and Indians. Left bank of the Don, Rostov-on-Don

The VIP Lounge of Our Sponsor, Swiss Airlines. Zurich

Emotional Yoga. FitnessMania, Moscow

Art and Emotions in the Bathroom. Moscow

The Evolution of Chaos: Apocalypse. Crimea



On the Run from George W. Bush, Jr.

Yoga at a Height. Zurich

Visiting a Collector: Glasses. Mönchengladbach, Germany

Visiting a Collector: Balcony. Mönchengladbach, Germany

Visit to a Museum: Embryo. Hombroich Museum Island, Germany

Human of the Future: What Will You Look Like? Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich

Illusion of Suprematism. Zurich

Valera Breathes the Air of Civilization. Crimea

Dreams Come True! Embassy of Japan, Moscow

How to Quickly Become an Academic. Moscow

Conversation with Stelarc’s Prosthetic Ear. Science Art Fest, Winzavod, Moscow

Fifteen Minutes of Fame… Cannes, France

Putting Lenin in the Context of World Art. Lecture by the Cherkashins at NYU



Knitted Exhibition. New York

Visiting Madame Tussauds. Madame Tussauds, Washington, D.C.

Noses: Establishing Equality. Alison Knowles’ studio, New York

Meeting Beardies. MoMA PS1, New York

Guggenheim Museum. Filling the Void. New York

Gormley Again. Rubell Family Collection, Miami, Florida

One to Fifteen Minutes of Fame. Art Basel, Miami Beach

Selling Garbage at the Armory Show. New York

Fight for Cleanliness. Broadway, New York



Valera and Giovanni Vitale Are Inspired by Art. Outside the Moscow Museum of Modern Art on Petrovka Street

Decent Behavior. Bathroom at the Guggenheim, New York

How a Russian Man Turned into a Cossack in a Month. Crimea

A Russian Man in Transformation. Crimea

Leniniana: Communicating with Lenin’s Finger. Sudak, Crimea

Every Person on Earth Deserves a Monument. Kultproyekt Gallery, Moscow

On the Edge. Persian Gulf



Art in the Bathroom. Washington, D.C.

Erotic Gourd. Houston

Non-Standard Bathing. Standard Hotel, New York

Not Gone with the Wind. Houston, Texas

Waking up American Curators. Houston, Texas

The Hat Effect. Festival de la Luz, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentinian Rickshaw. Festival de la Luz, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Tactile Principle in Action. Festival de la Luz, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Portrait with Sara Facio. Buenos Aires

The Cultural Emotions of a Minister. Buenos Aires

Devalued Garbage. Myskhako Winery, International Festival of Photography PhotoVisa IV, Krasnodar

Natural Modesty. PhotoVisa IV, Krasnodar

Getting Some Quiet Time. PhotoVisa IV, Krasnodar

The Evolution of Chaos: Scream of the Apocalypse. Buenos Aires

The Evolution of Chaos: Passions. Buenos Aires, Argentina



Replicas. New York

Absorption. New York

Reading Poetry with Tanya Ury (Germany). CAA, Hilton Hotel, New York

Apples for Eves. AIPAD, New York



Gate of Eternal Youth. Seoul

Crosswalk Korean Style. Seoul

Emotions at a Jeff Koons Exhibition. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

Signs. Exhibition of Barbara Kruger, Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, D.C.

Laughter as an Answer. Exhibition of Barbara Kruger, Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, D.C.

Kissing Flags. Art Basel, Miami Beach

Artificial Glow. Art Basel, Miami Beach

Triumph of Sweet Greed. Margulies Collection, Art Basel, Miami Beach

Simulacrum. Art Basel, Miami Beach



Inspired by Rosatom: UN Podium. Moscow

Yamal Icebreaker. Rosatom Exhibition, Moscow

Gratitude to Thomas J. Watson, founder of the Metropolitan Museum Library. New York

Malevich’s Square of Water. Exhibition at the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow

Banano-Telephony. Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale, Malta

Re-exporting Democracy to Europe. On a bus, Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale, Malta

Apple Headphones. Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale, Malta

Down with the Shackles of Europe! Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale, Malta

Fight for the Pole. Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale, Malta

Compelled by the Location. Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale, Malta

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