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Group Exhibitions


- "Aigi's (Not) visible snow."  Library named after Lermontov 01.03.2024

- "Pop up exhibition", Levanova collection, Moscow, House on the embankment 03/17/2024

- "Art and Money".  Omelchenko Gallery 03/21/2024

- "Games of Art. The Fabric of Being."  Gallery of Classical Photography, Moscow. 07.05.2024

- "Games of Color". IV Festival of Russian Art and Design. All-Russian Museum of Decorative Art. 19-24.05.2024


- "True and False." Tennis club "Gallery", Moscow 12/29/2023

- "Photo TOP. Portrait 2023". Gallery of classical photography. Moscow. 22.11.2023

- "Art technologies: a new look". ARTe Center for Contemporary Art. Renova lab, Skolkovo. 06.10.2023

- "Photomontage. Reformed Truth", Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts of the Hermitage-Ural Center and Béton Center for Visual Culture 29.09.2023.

- "Russian Pop Art". ARTe Center for Contemporary Art. Renova lab, Skolkovo. 08.09.2023

- "The Square Game". Gallery of classical photography. Moscow. 02.08.2023

- "Abstraction - summer 2023". "Nowhere else but", an Art coffee shop. Moscow.

- "Neighbours". Tennis Club "Gallery", Moscow.

- "On the Verge of Graphics. 1 1/2". Creative Union of Artists of Russia and Hodynka Gallery. Moscow.

- "Absurdity and harmony. Reconstruction", Fineart Gallery, Moscow (May 9-29).

- "Castles in the Air", Tennis Club "Gallery", Moscow.


"Photomontage. Reformed Truth", The Gallery of Contemporary Art, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.

- "Russia - 100 years in the vanguard:dedication to Malevich". Renova lab, Skolkovo, 29.10.2022

- "On the surface." Gallery "Nagornaya". Moscow/ 21.10-20.11.2022.
- "On the Verge of Graphics". Creative Union of Artists of Russia and Art Maison Gallery, Moscow. 22-28.10.2022.

- "Photomontage. Reformed Truth", Béton Center for Visual Culture, Moscow.

- Photography exhibition "the FACE: Reflections on the Portrait", "Artetage" Center for Contemporary Art, Vladivostok, (From September 30 to November 13).

​- "Defective Photo".The Gallery of Classical Photography. Moscow.17/08/2022 — 28/08/2022

- "Moscow - 2022", Renova lab. Skolkovo Innovation Center 19.08-09/20/2022

- "FotoKrok is Walking over the Planet". The Gallery of Classical Photography, 21/07/2022 — 14/08/2022, Moscow.

- "On the Verge of Graphics". The Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the Cultural and The Exhibition Center named after Tenishevs, Smolensk.

- "On the Verge of Graphics", The Creative Union of Artists of Russia and The Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts named after I.I.Mashkov. 27.06.2022 - 24.07.2022.

- Number as an image. Radishchev Art Museum, Saratov, Russia.


- Print Market. Center for Contemporary art Vinzavod, Moscow.

- Number as an Image. Gallery A3. Moscow.

- PhotoTop. The Gallery of Classical Photography, Moscow.

- Correspondence from Two Corners. Gallery A3. Moscow.

- Ars Terra, the First International Art Salon, Danilovsky Event Hall. Moscow.

- Caucasian Riviera. Battles for Paradise. All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts, Moscow.

- Caucasian Riviera. Battles for Paradise. Sochi Art Museum, Sochi.


Man as a Measure. Natural and digital. Museum of the Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure and Moscow Polytech.

Not Forever. 1968-1985. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

Mastering Spaces, Khodynka Gallery, Moscow.

- Actual Russia.The Art of Memory. Installation Flickering Memories. Media Center of Zaryadye Park, Moscow.

Hard XX century on a plate. Museum of Modern History of Moscow, Moscow.

- Art fair All You Need is Art. Art Center "Ruger Art & Design", Crystal, Moscow.


- Poetry/Photography. Equilirium. Museum Zverev Center for Contemporary art, Moscow.

- About Laziness, Center of Digital Art, Artplay Media, Moscow. 

- Red Thread, the art studio of Alexander Savelyev, Moscow.

The Ball in Art. Еру National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

- A3/33. A3 Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

- Stars. RussPressFoto. Moscow, Russia.

- Sky of Arkaim. Chelyabinsk region, the village of Arkaim, Russia.

Photography and Memory. Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA, USA.

The Ball in Art. Bashkir State Art Museum. M.V. Nesterova, Ufa, Russia.

- Laziness ... Summer. Center for Contemporary Art "Clouds", Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia.

- Expo Time!  The Cultural Code of the VDNH. VDNH, Pavilion No. 67 Karelia, Moscow, Russia.

- Song of the Creator. Art space Supremus, Moscow.

- Mediator. Center of Digital Art, Artplay Media, Moscow. 

- Dialog with Leonardo. A3 Gallery. Moscow.

- Art April Art Fair, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow.

- Space. Craft Gallery, Moscow State University of Design and Technology. Moscow.

- We love the Beatles. Craft Gallery, Moscow State University of Design and Technology. Moscow.


Apology of Delusions. Moscow museum of Modern Art and Fine Art Gallery, Moscow.

- Namaste. Craft Gallery, Moscow State University of Design and Technology.

- Vibrations of the Earth. ARTPLAY Design Center, East meets West Gallery, Moscow.

- It's a Theatre. A3 Gallery. Moscow.

- Geteroportrait 2. Zverev Center for Contemporary Arts. Moscow.

- Face: 2.0. BID space. Pesaro, Italy.

- The Festival of Contemporary Poetry and Book Design. Chekhov Library, Moscow.

- Stravinsky's Theater. Kovcheg State Exhibition Hall, Moscow. 

- Fixer. The Central House of Artists, Moscow.

- Metro.Blue. The State gallery Izmailovo, Moscow.

Media capture: exhibition-contest of young curators, State exhibition hall “Kovcheg” Moscow, Russia

- Russian DictionaryState Art Gallery "Na Kashirke". Moscow.

- Literary Festival in Monchegorsk, Russia.

- Face: 2.0. Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine arts. Russia.

- PHOTOfest.KZ 2018, Astana, Kazakhstan.

- The Collection of The "Gallery Tennis Club". Moscow.

- The AIPAD Photography Show, Alan Klotz Gallery, Pier 94, New York City.

- Train Arrival. The Ekaterina Cultural Foundation. Moscow. (Catalog)

- The Body of the Text. Russian State Library for Youth. Moscow.

- LazinessState Art Gallery "Na Kashirke". Moscow.


- Burluk - BurleskState Art Gallery "Na Kashirke". Moscow.


- Russian Troika and not only. State Art Gallery "Na Kashirke". Moscow.


- Around a Square or Expecting a Hero. Russian Academy of Arts, Zurab Tseretely Gallery of Arts. Moscow.

- The AIPAD Photography Show, Alan Klotz Gallery, Park Avenue Armory, New York.


- Finding Freedom in Russian Art, 1961-2014. Selections from the Kolodzei Art Foundation and the Collection of Dr. Wayne F. Yakes. Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA, USA.

- The Time of Triumph. Manege, Moscow.

- Fluxus time 1959...1969...1979... in Kharkov, Municipal Gallery, Ukraine.


The act of Defiance. The body as a protest in Kharkov's photography 1970-2010. The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography.

- Foto Week DC, Foto NOMA, Galerie Blue Square, Washington DC.

- DC Fine Art Photography Fair, Alan Klotz Gallery. George Washington University, Washington DC.

- The AIPAD Photography Show, Alan Klotz Gallery, Park Avenue Armory, New York.

Fluxus time 1959...1969...1979... Kingsborough Community College of the City University of New York.

- 28 Portraits of Natasha Shmelkova. Museum Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow.


- International Festival of Photography PHOTOVISA IV, Krasnodar, Russia.

- Art Moscow. Grinberg Gallery.

The Collection of Georges Macheret and Nadia Wolkonsky, State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

- XVII Encuentros Abiertos Festival De La Luz. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- Cult of the body. UPHA. Leisure, London.

- FotoFest 2012 Biennial - Perestroika: Liberalization & Experimentation.  Houston, USA. 

- SONY Centre for the Performing Arts. Ethnic Channels Group Lounge. Toronto, Canada.

- First Kiev Biennial.  Kharkhov's School of Photography. Lessons of Drawing. Ukrainian Photography 1890-2012. National Academy of Arts. Kiev, Ukrain. 

The Face: The Evolution of Portrait Photography. Photohub-manometr. Moscow.


Recent Acquisitions: Prints and Photographs. New York Public Library, New York.

- Portrait of 19 Million. Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

About Transparency. In the direction of Eternal Ice. Kashirka, Moscow.

- PIP. International Photo Festival in Pingyao. China.

New York, Than and Now. Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

The Icons of the 1990's. Center of Photography behalf of the Luimer Brothers. Moscow. (Catalog)

The Face: Portrait Evolution in Photography. Novosibirsk State Historical Museum. Krasnoyarsk Cultural History Museum Complex; Omsk - Gallery Rob; Chelyabinsk, Museum of Art; Ekaterinburg, photographic museum "House Metenkova"; Museum and Exhibition Complex ROSPHOTO in St. Petersburg.(Catalog) Russia. 


- Art Palm Beach Fair. Mark Hachem Gallery. FL, USA.

- Art Miami.  Mark Hachem Gallery. Miami, FL, USA.

- Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair. Mark Hachem Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey.

- Barry Friedman Gallery. New York.

- Festival Photo visa, Krasnodar Art Museum, Russia. (Catalog)

- The First South Russian Biennale of Contemporary Arts. Rostov-on-Don.

- London Biennale 2010.

- Art Dubai. Barbarian Art Gallery.

Evolution. Darwin Museum, Moscow.


Mythology of Fractal. Gallery "Vector-A". Moscow.

Psychedelic. Gallery "Vector-A". Moscow.

Art about Art. The Russian State Museum, St. Petersburgh. (Catalog)

- Bridge Art Fair. New York. Barbarian-Art Gallery 2009.

From the Collection of Contemporary Russian Art by Nina and Claude Gruen. Zimmerly Art Museum, Rutgers University, NJ. USA

- Behind Walls. Eastern Europe before and beyond 1989. School of Humanities and  Journalism. Poznan, Poland

Behind Walls. Eastern Europe before and beyond 1989". School of Social Sciences and Humanities Gallery, Warsaw, Poland


Behind Walls. Eastern Europe before and beyond 1989. Nooderliht Photo Festival. The Neederlands. (Catalog)

- Behind Walls. Eastern Europe before and beyond 1989. Fries Museum. Leeuwarden. Holland

- Behind Walls. Eastern Europe before and beyond 1989. Month

of Photography 2008, Bratislava

- Bridge Art Fair. Miami. Barbarian-Art Gallery. Zurich. Miami, USA (Catalog)

- 20th Anniversary of A-3 Municipal Art gallery. Moscow.

Underground. Municipal Art Gallery at Solyanka. Moscow. (Catalog)


Sots art, Political art in Russia. Maison Rouge Gallery. Paris.

Dots. Museum of Modern Art, Rostov on Don, Russia. (Catalog)

New Angelarium. The Moscow Museum of Modern Art. (Catalog)

Moscow - New York. Simultaneous game. From the collection of Kolodzei Art Foundation. NCCA, Moscow.

- The Adventures of "Black Square" by Malevich. The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.


- Art Moscow 2006. Partner Gallery. (Catalog)

- ARCO Madrid. Stella Art Gallery.

- Vienna's Fair. Austria, Vienna. Stella Art Gallery. 

- Photo Biennale 2006, Central House of Artists, Moscow.

Alternative Art of 60-90's. Central House of Artists, Moscow.

From Analog to Digital photography. 7 years of Yakut Gallery.


- Mirages of Empires. IV International Festival "Month of Photography in Bratislava". (Catalog)

- Martha Schneider Gallery, Chicago, USA.

- Futurism and Nostalgia, Great Neck Art Center, NY, USA. (Catalog)

- Moscow. Love. Artist’s network of Riverdale, Toronto, Canada. Organized by Stella art Gallery.
- New York Real and Unreal. Union of Photo Artists, Moscow. 

- New York Fashion. Fashion week, Crocus City, Moscow.

- Perestroika. First Came the Word. Harriman Institute, Columbia University.


My Kabakov. Stella Art Gallery. Moscow. (Catalog)

- Project 13:1. Moscow Museum of Modern Arts. Moscow.

- Eurographic. European Cultural Integration Bridge. Krakow, Kiev, Moscow. (Catalog)

History of Harem. May Fashion. Moscow.

- The Freedom of Choice, Lumier Brothers Gallery, Moscow.


IDEA Photographic: After Modernism. Museum of New Mexico, Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Children. Overcoming. Municipal exhibition hall at Solyanka, Moscow. (Catalog)

Contemporary Art in the Metro. Metro train. Moscow.

- Second Video Festival in Moscow.

- Exhibition Dedicated to Helmut Newton, Coffeemania, Moscow.


Moscow Yesterday, Today &Tomorrow. Museum of Russian Art. Ramad-gan, Israel. (Catalog)


Red Square. State Historical Museum, Moscow.

- Photo Family. Photo Center, Moscow.

- Photography Saves the World. Museum of Decorative Art, Moscow.

- Kitsch in Photography. Izvestia Publishing House. Moscow.

- Multimedia Festival. Dom. Moscow.


- Moscow In the period of 1920-2000. Moscow's Museum of Contemporary arts. (Catalog).

- The International Art Forum, Perm, Russia. (Catalog)


- Soviet & Post Soviet Sots Art & American Pop Art. Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis MN. Catalog).

- The XX Century reflected in Covers. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow.


- Russian Constructivist Ruts: Present concerns. University of Maryland, University of New Hampshire; Dickinson College, The World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC, (Catalog).

- Moscow. Municipal A-3 Gallery. Moscow.


Light Presentation, Profsoyuznaya 100, Moscow.

- From Rodchenko to our days. Museum of Photographic Collections, Moscow.

- 850 Anniversary of Moscow. Municipal A-3 Gallery, Moscow.


- New Russian Art, Works on Paper from Kolodzei collection. Georgetown University, Washington DC.

- Die Grosse Zurcher Ausstellung. Kunsthaus Oerlikon, Zurich.

- Contemporary Russian Art. Collection of Lis Junstrup and Jens Gregersen. State Treiakov Gallery, Moscow.


- New Acquirements. Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

- Collects of Olga  Hirshhorn. The Corcoran Gallery, Washington DC.


- The New Photo Art from Russia. Badischer Kunstverein, Carlsruhe; Galerie im Karmelitenkloster, Frankfurt-am-Main; Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover; Museum Volk und Wirstschaft, Dusseldorf; Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin; Hertener Fototage, Herten, Germany.

- 4+4 Late Modern. Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA (catalog).

- Works on paper from the Kolodzei Collection.  Oklahoma City Arts Center, USA, (catalog)

- From life of woman. Municipal A-3 Gallery, Moscow.

- Auction Art Panorama. Club 2x2, Moscow.

- Gallery Sotsium, Moscow.

- Art of Contemporary Photography. Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia. (Catalog). 


- Moscow Fine Art Gallery.  Moscow.

- Underground Paradise, World Financial Center.  New York.

- Things. Konstantin Shop. Moscow.


- Europe-America 500. Kolodzei Art Foundation, Seattle, USA.

- Malevich Center. Museum of Paleontology, Moscow.  

- To Malevich, Karenina Gallery.  Vienna, (catalog)

- Still Life, Velta Gallery.  Moscow.

- Anatoly Zverev and It's Time. From the collection of Natalia Shmelkova. 

Radishchev Art Museum, Saratov. Russia.

- Presentation of "Dar"  Magazine. Kolonnyi Zal.  Moscow

- Moscow's Flat, Municipal A-3 Gallery.  Moscow

- Gala-Portrait, Municipal A-3 Gallery.  Moscow

- Woman against Narcotic Business. Municipal A-3 Gallery

- For the play "The Revizor." Clim studio. Moscow.


- Modern Russian Art. Contemporary Art Gallery. London.

-  Artists developing the style of Malevich, Tretiakov Gallery. Moscow.


-  Moscow in Cambridge. King's College. Cambridge, Great Britain. 

- Traditions of Russian Paintings. Museum of Reconstruction, Moscow.

- Principle KY. the Central House of Artists.  Moscow

- Auction: "Art Collection". Sport Complex "Bitsa", Moscow.

- The second Erotic Exhibition. 6 Irina Levchenko St. Moscow.

- Exhibition of Soviet Erotic Art. Kashirka Exhibition Hall. Moscow.


- Auction, "To Help Armenia".  Moscow. 

- Photo '89. 150 Years of Photography. Manege. Moscow.

- One Hundred Artists from the Collection of T. and N. Kolodzei, Central Museum.  Tashkent.

- Form and Image. Museum.  Sumy.

- First All Union Photo Festival. Manege. Moscow.

- Fourth Analytic Photography, Ioshkar-Ola, Cheboksari.

- All Union Art Exhibition at the Manege.  Moscow.


- The First Erotic Show.Vasiliev Theatre. Moscow.

- The House of Cinematography.  Moscow. 


- The Institute of Atomic Electrical Power Stations.  Moscow.

- Exhibition with the members of the "Hermitage Union". Moscow.

- Presentation of the Union "Hermitage". Profsoiuznaia 100. Moscow.

- the Union "Hermitage". Manege. Moscow.

- Group show. Hotel "Saliut", Moscow

- Exhibition of Paintings "Spring-87", Soiuzvneshtrans, Moscow.


- Stankovaya Graphica on Malaya Gruzinskaya.  Moscow. 

- Foreign Ministry of the USSR." Sadovoe Koltso", Moscow.


- Museum of Moscow. Curator O. Kulik


- Photo Objective and Life. All Union Photo Exhibition at the Manege. Moscow.


- Third all Russian exhibition.  Manege.  St. Petersburg.


- Exhibition of Moscow Art. The Central House of Artists. Moscow. 


- Sterlegov's Group. Sterlegov's Studio.  St. Petersburg.



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